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QuickNote Necesită repornire

A simple note-taking extension.

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Notepad (QuickFox) Necesită repornire

Everyday note-taking solution.

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ZNotes Necesită repornire

Save everything you like. Simple text notes and pages downloaded from the internet, rich multimedia. Store any files and contacts from your address book with notes.

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Message Notes Plus Necesită repornire

Message Notes Plus allows to add notes to emails. The notes don't affect the email in any way.They are stored locally on your hard drive.
The commercial version is no longer available. More info on and

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Telephone Message Necesită repornire

Quickly and easy way to inform someone of a missed call. This addon allows you to email the person your passing the message onto, collecting their email address from your address book, with a collection of ready made messages.

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QuickNote-T Necesită repornire

A note taking extension with advanced features.

Only QuickNote is compatible with Thunderbird after Web Extesnsions support. Since development and operation check are done on Daily, it may not work on normal Thunderbird.

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