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Мои отзывы

DuckDuckGo (Lite SSL)

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Add-on works perfectly fine, DuckDuckGo Lite seems more compact (numbered results, pages) compared to the full site - which I enjoy.

True Full Screen in SeaMonkey

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

I don't know why but about two weeks ago, Youtube fullscreen stopped working in SeaMonkey (maybe I used the Flash player and they finally ditched it for good?).
This addon restored it!

Session Manager

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

This add-on has saved my butt more times than I can count. About half of the time Firefox crashes, it cannot restore the tabs last open on its own. And since I usually have at least 20 tabs open, of articles/etc. that I DON'T want to lose, it has always been quite the experience whenever it happened.
But with session manager, I believe it only happened once that it was unable to "recover the last session" (as it will ask you upon starting after a crash). And even then, I was able to load the session saved shortly before the crash.
All browsers should have something like that! (Or at least have tabs crash protection that ALWAYS works)

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