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Sadly this addon constantly breaks down as it depends on adobe flash but perhaps the frustrating thing is that this addon was responsible for typing lag and various other typing issues, such as missing words.
This system is relatively new and runs 16GB of ram.

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Facebook Chat Download

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Great idea however it seems to struggle to process large chat conversations (several thousands), given that a users chat conversations are accumulative this could represent a problem as inevitably chat history shall become larger and larger which also represent another issue and that is that the user must download the entire conversation log again rather than being able to update the existing file with only the missing text being added.

This addon also conflicts with the popular addon; Privatetab, causing new private tabs to be opened as a regular tab on the first attempt.

Preferences Cleaner

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Great idea, I've been waiting for something like this to come along however it needs a bit of work to become more efficient for users, one problem I have right now is in the Loose preference window I have to delete every little string in each folder rather than selecting the complete folder and being able to delete it in one hit. I installed an extension in the past which dumped a huge load of items in my configuration and now I must detele them all which is tedious and time consuming. (damn sothink junk!) LoL.

Great work, I hope to see this addressed in a future release.

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