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N7 Theme

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Sorry mate, this just looks really bad. It's like someone opened a good image in paint and used the eraser tool all over it.

Mass Effect - N7

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I get that it's trying to be different but with how cut off it ends up being for me, I think it would look better without the angle.

Mass Effect 2 Renegade Dark

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I get that this is supposed to be a darker version but it just doesn't work well with it. Everything is toned down. The splattered blood is drastically harder to see and less enjoyable. The dark background is more ugly gray and makes the whole thing look monotone somehow.

It looks a little too much like a background swap of the N7 one.

Mass Effect 2 Renegade Light

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A very simply yet enjoyable theme. I like the idea behind and while I think there is far too much white and that the Logo ends up being too big (which means it's cut off for me) I still will hang on to it.

Mass Effect 2 Fight for the lost

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Not bad. I like the look and feel of it. Sadly, on my screen it shows the words WAY too close to the top of the screen, so I won't ever be using it.

I also feel like it would've been better to either not have text and make the gray lines a bit ticker so they're more noticable or say Cerberus instead of "Fight for the lost".


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Almost perfect. Although it would've been nice if the background image of it didn't look so pixelated. Still awesome with it though.

Mass Effect

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Not a bad looking theme here but it does look like the N7 part was added onto an already existing image. It also doesn't look quite like the actual N7 Logo. As well as the textures look low.

Razer Gaming Style

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Nice and simple. The image can easily be seen and it's quite obvious that it's Razor's main logo. No funny business with font and font colours.

It's still easy to read as well as being different from the default look.