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Nome AffectioNet
Localização Milwaukee, Wisonsin
Ocupação Video Chat Room Entertainer
Utilizador desde Jun. 6, 2011
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I run several websites and am on an unbelievable amount of social networks (including YouTubeTwitter and,, and < where I can be found broadcasting and hosting my sexy video chat rooms almost nightly.

I enjoy discussions of a deep nature in my chat rooms as well as sexy; for instance, physics, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, religion, symbolism and so forth. Humor is always welcome and desirable....

I love to play the piano & sing, photography, painting, cooking, gardening, website design; computers, social networking, physics, blogging, 3d animation, graphics design, writing, horseback riding, bicycling, and much more.

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Inner Planets

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This one is beautiful of the planets in our solar system.

Mari Jane

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For some reason, hee hee, this one just became my very favorite of all the personas I have seen. I just LOVE this one - it is so beautiful, it nearly moves me to tears of joy. I wish I could rate it higher (pun intended) than 5 stars...

Roses oranges

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This is a lovely close up photograph of orange-red roses

Forest Sunrise

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This is beautiful, a serene, almost mystical photograph of trees in the twilight mist in a forest.


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I like the color palette and shading of this.