Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas

I had initially thought that this add-on's preference setting to disable Thunderbird's animated popup window had gotten rid of all of Thunderbird's annoying, disruptive, stupid, pop-up alerts that Thunderbird displays often when processing filters on incoming emails leaving my only remedy to be to have a constantly running service on my linux machine looking for the alert box to close it. There is always a delay in closing it, it always moves the focus to Thunderbird from other apps and makes even not usable in Thunderbird until the morning inbound mail filtering completes rendering my computer non-usable during that time. I was so happy to have thought that this add-on solved that problem that I contributed a donation to the developer of this add-on. However, unfortunately, I found that that preference option of this add-on did not in fact solve that problematic alert window issue with Thunderbird.

This archive add-on for what it is intended for remains to be outstanding thus far however and still deserves the full 5 stars. I am able to specify folders to be automatically archived and I can have all the sub-folders also archived. The only initial issue I had faced was that the auto-archive was disrupting the morning inbound email fetching when the auto-archive started upon opening Thunderbird (email fetch also starts when I open the app), but that was easily solved by just increasing the number of seconds for auto-archive to start running. I gave myself plenty of buffer by setting it to 30 minutes.

Great job!!!!

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (0.6).