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Very nicely done and but for one bug (?) not usable for me.

The problem: I get a mail from "CASHCONTROL" when I use my credit card. So I have a lot of mail from the same sender with the same subject. Only thing different: the date. If I tell AAA to "move" the mail from the in-box, it tells me, that the mail already exists and will not move it. Technically the mail does not exist, as the date is different!!!! Can't see a way around this!

How to solve: When checking for duplicates, the date has to be checked also! It is only a duplicate, if it has the same date/time stamp.

Or: Maybe allow a move without checking for duplicate?

5 stars and surely my favorite tool for THUNDER once this is "fixed"!!!

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (0.6). 

AAA checks for duplicates using Message-ID, not subject or date or anything else. Message-ID as it's name is the identification of the message, normally it contains date & sequential ID so it's should be different for messages you got from CASHCONTROL.

So you can verify by either:
1. select the messages and press Ctrl+u, then search Message-ID in the message source, to see if they have the same Message-ID
2. in version 0.6, If you enable 'Show verbose information in error console' of the addon's advanced settings, then you can know in detail for why the message was not moved, eg, duplicate, unread, has tags etc

Finally, there was already an option for this in advanced settings, you can choose 'delete' for "When doing 'move' and the same messages already exists in dest folder...'