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This is just beautiful. I'm currently struggling with Aspergers, but seeing this reminds me that I'm not alone, and that even if I feel like I can't do anything, others are there to help. The colors are also beautiful, and reflect everything that's happening inside me. So thank you, CollieSmile, thank you.

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Beautiful! The colors please me. I feel brilliant, bold and relaxed.

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Colorful and beautiful

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This is beautiful! All 3 of my granddaughters have aspergers and one didn't find out til she was 14, she is now in college and made the Deans List! All 3 are the most fantastic young ladies you could ever meet! I couldn't be prouder of them. The poem that went with this was perfect and touched me so, knowing what she went through until she found out why she was "not different, better"!

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This touched me so much because it my 14 yr old son has aspergers among other things. It took me 2 yrs begging his docs to investigate aspergers as a possible diagnosis.....he was suffering so much and I'd researched enough to know he had it. Sad to say it took him having a total meltdown, attacking a cop, and being put in juvenile detention before they diagnosed him. Now,as of yesterday, he's finally gonna get the treatment he needs!

Hi Marsha,

I am so glad that you liked Asperger's Color Dance, and that it inspired you. Thank you for letting me know. : D

Actually, I have left the Firefox Browser altogether. I used to love making Persona/Theme designs for Firefox Mozilla. I reviewed/approved designs also, and was very active on the site.

Then a new administrator came in. I had major differences of opinion with them on some issues. I finally decided that it would be a lot less stressful for me if I simply left altogether.

I'm now active on a wallpaper website called Desktop Nexus. I've created many wallpapers there, under the same designer name of CollieSmile. If you go to their website and type my designer name in their wallpaper search bar, you should be able to find some of my wallpapers, that will in turn lead you to my Desktop Nexus Profile Page. (I'll try putting a link in here for it, but I don't know if it will work from here or not.) I have not made any Asperger's Wallpapers yet, but you might see some wallpapers that you like.

You are welcome to contact me on Desktop Nexus, if you decide to join it. It is free to join. You don't have to design or upload any wallpapers to become a member there. .


I still look in on my Personas/Theme designs here once in awhile. I've gotten some comments on my designs, but your comment is the first one that I have ever responded to.

You and your son have been through some difficult, challenging times. I just wanted you to know that I am rooting for you. : ) I hope that your son is coping better now, and I hope things have gotten easier for you.

I have A.D.D. as well as Aspergers. I did not find out about my A.D.D. until my daughter finally got diagnosed when she was in the 3rd grade. Then I discovered that I had it too, and so did my son-- only he had A.D.H.D, which was even more challenging. (The H stand for hyperactivity.) My poor husband had to live with not one, not two, but THREE ADD people! lol

Both my husband and I struggled mightily with our children and their schoolwork for years. Getting them to finish their homework each week was a major feat!

Getting them diagnosed and on medication (me also!) made a world of difference. I hope that the diagnosis of your son helps your family out as much or more as our family was helped by our children getting diagnosed as ADD.

Take care of yourselves, and God Bless!

CollieSmile/Elaine : )

PS. I made 2 other Aspergers themed designs as well as Asperger's Color Dance. On one of them, I was very hesitant to say that I had Aspergers. On the other one, I just went ahead and admitted it. I will give you the links to them, but if the links don't work, just type the word "Aspergers" into the Theme search bar and all 3 designs will come up.

My 3 designs still seem to be the only ones about Aspergers. There are some designs dealing with Autism, however, if you want to look them up. : )

Aspergers Forest

Aspergers Struggles & Joys


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A fellow aspie here, it's nice to know that I am not alone, even though I often feel as if I am.

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Your poem is beautiful, I also love the colors. It's just perfect & I really do love it, thank you.

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I like the poem. Having Aspergers syndrome myself, I can identify with it.

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Okay, I usually just look at the colors and don't read the descriptions, but I noticed the poem and must admit I got teary-eyed. I liked your other aspergers design cause it reminder my of a friend of mine, but this one with the poem does even more so. I'm always having to remind them they aren't alone. I'm going to show them this. :)

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This has been on my favorites list for a long time. Amazing colors, and I think the little imperfections only help make your colors shine bright, just like your heartfelt poem.

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