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Fantastic concept, but it has ceased functioning of late. Whenever I pose a query to ChatGPT, I receive a message stating that only one query can be provided, and the responses I get are often unrelated to the prompt I provide. As suggested in other review I uninstalled the add-on and I restarted Thunderbird.

Reinstall didn't help. Still the same issue. ChatGPT complains about too many requests and actually creates answer to some random request.

So did reinstalling helped?
Also, are you by any chance using ChatGPT also in the web browser?
If you have the ChatGPT website opened in multiple tabs / windows / apps, it may limit you when generating responses.

Sadly, I can't really fix these issues as my addon is only a container for the ChatGPT website...

Best Regards,
Juraj Mäsiar

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Great plugin! Thank you.

Suggestion for improvement:
It would be greatly appreciated if you could extend the login session time. Currently, I find myself having to log in every time I want to use ChatGPT, even though I only use it about once a week. This frequent need for login can be quite inconvenient.

Sadly, it's the ChatGPT page that logs users out and it's crazy annoying to me too since I use it mostly in Firefox so the one in Thunderbird is almost always logged out when I need it.
Hopefully enough people will complain to them so they fix it :)
Best Regards,
Juraj Mäsiar

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Exceptional plugin. A must-have.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.9). 

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Juraj, you are a genius! Thank you very much for the Implementation. I added a lot of useful commands and tried them - the results are awesome and the way this addon changes the whole workflow, the speed at which I do my daily work is just amazing - I love it! Your addon should be featured by Mozilla! Everyone needs it! It's revolutionary tech behind and you bring that to Thunderbird for free. You are a hero, mate. Thank you. People listen: Get this addon! It's awesome!
Thx again and best regards from Germany,

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.7). 

Thank you Chris,
You are too kind :)

I've build this only as experiment, but I'll try to add more features over time.
I see a big potential in AI so I'm happy I can help others with accessing it.
Have a great week :)

Best Regards,
Juraj Mäsiar