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A Better S/MIME GUI Reinício necessário

Provides a better S/MIME GUI for Thunderbird.

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AlertSwitch Reinício necessário

Turn on/off the alert shown when new message arrives.

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Allow HTML Temp Reinício necessário

Allows to have HTML temporarily enabled (and displayed) in the currently selected message by only one click. When switching to another message, it'll be shown automatically again in plain text or simple html mode (according to your settings).

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Auto Address Cleaner Reinício necessário

Removes comment, display name automatically from addresses before sending mail.

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Auto Address Cleaner T Reinício necessário

Remove comment, display name from addresses before sending mail.

This add-on is a fork of Auto Address Cleaner.

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Auto Password Registerer Reinício necessário

Registers given passwords to Firefox/Thunderbird's password manager automatically.

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Autocrypt Reinício necessário

E-Mail encryption that gets out of your way. Compatible with Autocrypt and OpenPGP.


Caution: This extension can not be used together with Enigmail. Please remove Enigmail before installing.

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Automatic Export Reinício necessário

Exportiert angegebene Kalender im Intervall oder über einen Button in 2 Modis - normal und Backup.

Die aktuelle Version ist immer auf meiner Homepage.
Hier auf der Seite dauert es nach eine neuen Veröffentlichung sehr lange.

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Batch Copy Reinício necessário

Batch Copy creates a local copy of your IMAP account, copies all messages and maintains folder structure. Batch Copy can run incrementally to copy only new messages.

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Bitmask Thunderbird Extension Reinício necessário

After installing the extension, do the following:

1. Make sure that Bitmask is running and you are logged in.
2. In Thunderbird, click the main menu, then "Preferences" - "Account Settings".
3. Click "Account Actions" - "New Bitmask Account...".

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Bluhell Firewall

Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector.

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BorderColors GT Reinício necessário

How many time you sent an email from your wrong email address?
This add-ons allows you assign a different color to the compose window border for each of your email addresses. So you can immediately view from what account are you writing.

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Bork Bork Bork! Reinício necessário

The Swedish Chef travesty filter and URL blocker. View web pages or mail as spoken by the Swedish Chef like this...

"Zee Svedeesh Cheff trefesty feelter und URL blucker. Feeoo veb peges oor meeel es spukee by zee Svedeesh Cheff leeke-a thees."

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CallingID Link Advisor Reinício necessário

CallingID Link Advisor verifies the links you see in Firefox and Thunderbird are safe before you follow them. When the mouse is placed over any link a risk assessment and the full details of the site owner are displayed, helping you evaluate the...

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CapsKiller Reinício necessário

Caps Killer is a protection against newbies using caps in their mails.

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Card Viewer Extended Reinício necessário

Adds a button in address book cards to fetch and display the certificate of a contact.

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Certificate Patrol Reinício necessário

Your browser trusts many certification authorities and intermediate sub-authorities quietly, every time you enter an HTTPS web site. This add-on reveals when certificates are updated, so you can ensure it was a legitimate change.

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Change Referer Button Reinício necessário

Button in the toolbar/status bar to change referer value.

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Channel Guard Reinício necessário

Channelguard disables plugins and protocol handlers to ensure maximum security against side-channel attack.

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Check and Send Reinício necessário

Check the message contents and addresses before you send the message...

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