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FIRST AND FOREMOST, I'm a mom, to a wonderful 34 yr old son, Christopher, and a grandma, to his 9 yr old daughter, Audrey.


I had another son, David who was 19, that I lost to a vicious house fire he was visiting for the weekend, in Enfield, CT. Along with him, 3 other people who lived in the same household, died on December 10, 2014. So Christmas time comes with emotional and mixed feelings for me and esp because David so loved Christmas time but more so when it snows. *Also, David's b day is on Jan 14th.
This child of mine, would wake up, look outside from his bedroom window, and if it was snowing, would run through the house and out the door, in his PJ's mind you and run in the snow!!! ...He was so funny..and I miss him dearly every minute of every day...
As well as my husband, Jesse, , of 32 yrs, whom I lost on May 7, 2014, 7 months before losing our son, David.
I AM AN ANIMAL LOVER, esp kitties, and the kitties I have I rescued from being homeless and unloved. But they need not worry about that now for the rest of their blessed lives :)

I love to read, play online games esp at POGO, go to tag sales - which are garage sales or yard sales for those of you from the the beach, long drives to nowhere, BBQ's with family & friends, and sitting in a comfortable chair with a good book in hand :)

And finally, I would like to end my profile by talking about the state in which I live, that is CT, which is part of New England. And is the best-est place on Earth to live :o)
Because we have 4-Seasons, with Summer & Autumn being my favorite seasons of all..

To sum it up, I am, what you would call, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get woman. No phoniness or frills here.

And I thank all of you, who took the time to read my very long profile, to which I gave you a piece of me so that you can get an idea of whom I am and what I'm about..

~Denise :)

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Oh my Gosh!! Perfect. 4th of July is right around the corner. Well, I can stop searching now. I have my theme. Thanks so much MaDonna for your beautiful themes.. ~kitten

Butterflies Added by MaDonna

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LOL .. I knew as soon as I saw this picture it was from you.. and when I looked at the creator, there you were love it as usual.. ~kitten

waves in the ozean

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Love of Poppies

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Gorgeous as usual Madonna . I love your style and creativity. Great Job. Plz keep 'em coming :) ~kitten

Flower Medley

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Little Waterfalls

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Love the color. It looks so cool and inviting. thanks for sharing

Dogwood On the Corner

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Another beautiful flower... gorgeous Madonna, thanks for all the time and energy you put in to share these beautiful themes ... thanks again for sharing :)

Lily of the Valley Shine by MaDonna

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Lilly of the Valley it is!! One of my grandma's favorites flowers.. among the many flower gardens and plants that she had all over our yard ... Another being the 'pansy' ... I love 'em too.. they look like they have these cute little tiny faces thanks again(personas )

Spring Garden Serenity by MaDonna

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This one is beautiful too.. Too many decisions here for me.. which one do I choose thanks for sharing :)

Poppies Rain Shower by MaDonna

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*singing* Gooorrrgggeeeoouuusss As usual Madonna you've got yourself another hit, in my eyes anyways.. thanks for sharing.. but I am still gonna look through your collection :)

Sunset Pathway by M♥Donna

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Gorgeous - absolutely just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Madonna, as usual :) i love all your pics & as always thanks for sharing so that I may always have a great view when I look up at my browser :)

Best Bright Christmas by MaDonna

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Gorgeous, as always keep on sharing and I will keep on installing happy new year!!! kitten

Village of Lights by MaDonna

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As always, I LOVE anything from you Madonna. You always outdo yourself and I feel that you are always 'spot on' with whatever I am looking for. You will always have it for me ... May your New Year be full of much health, happiness & Love .. kitten

~*~ Christmas Eve 1 ~*~

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Love it. A very 'wintery' and 'christmasy' looking picture.. thanks for sharing.

Sparkle Snowflake Blue by MaDonna

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Madonna always always has great themes.. I rarely use anybody else. :) 5 stars

Sand Harbor Trail

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Such a beautiful view. Thank you for sharing :)


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What a beautiful view. It's so tranquil & peaceful and wish I was there right
I love it! It's Beautiful! And thank you for sharing. :)

London Panorama

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Wow what a beautiful view!! Only wish I was really so much for sharing :)


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I just noticed that the falling snow in front of Frosty's eyes make it look like he's blinking..aww..adorable just adorable..thanks for the theme :)