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purple blue waters

Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Nice. A hint of color with a little texture to add interest without being intrusive. Tabs, labels, and icons are easy to see and read. I wish more themes were this well-thought out, with the needs of people who work at the computer in mind.


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Wish I could like this one. Not usable for me: tabs are illegible

Strawberry Splash Red

Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Relaxing color, enough texture to keep it from being boring without being at all distracting. The tabs, labels, and icons are crisp and easily readable, and the live tab is readily distinguishable. All pluses in my book. I am at my computer a lot, do not care for minimalist look, and have a lot of tabs open at a time, working from one to another. This is the kind of design that is made for people like me.

Bright Pink Moth Orchids

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I love the orchids and really appreciate the crisp tabs, labels, and icons. But I keep a lot of tabs going at the same time, and work from one to another. The placement of the orchids washes out the last couple of tabs. For someone who doesn't use a lot of tabs, this would not be an issue. It is really a lovely and well-designed theme otherwise and I wish I could use it. Darn.


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Really pretty. Good contrast on the tabs, labels and icons- a must when one works with a lot of tabs open as I do. A little cool for the season (depth of winter) but will be perfect when summer rolls around.

Nature ...its out there

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Pretty, but can hardly read labels on tabs, so not usable.

Love of Poppies

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This one almost works for me. Nice, subtle back ground color wth a pop of poppy red. Some washout of tabs at far right, not real bad: icons are still visible enough to easily distinguish. I'll keep this one handy while I look for the "perfect" theme.

Best Bright Christmas by MaDonna

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

Like the seasonal expression. This one is good, though tabs at far right wash out. I usually have a lot of tabs open at a time, so need the entire tab bar legible.

small pink flowers in evening -

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Stars In The City

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I like tthe theme overall- attractive and not overly distracting. I especially appreciate that the tabs are easily readable against the background and that the active tab is readily distinguishable. I wish other designers would take the same care as this one does.