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Clean Links

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The "skip domains" list reset all my custom entries when an update changed the defaults. Luckily I read the changelog before updating and anticipated that would happen so no harm done (I'm that good :) but next time you alter any of the default values in an update, you should make sure you are appending the update; not erasing user settings.

Also, facebook is in the skip domains list by default. Facebook is literally the biggest offender of url redirecting I have ever encountered and it should ABSOLUTELY NOT be excluded! Perhaps if there's some element of facebook that cleanlinks breaks, you should hardcode a specific rule for that element.

I also use the addon pure-url- I am fairly certain clean links does all pure url does and more. I think clean link's "remove from url" option is exactly what pure-url does, correct? The only issue is clean links uses regex, and well, you know the saying, "and now you have two problems". I'd love to consolidate the number of addons I have by removing pure-url, but pure-url has a nice coma separated list that I can actually use without fear of breaking an entire regex expression and losing all related protection/functionality.

I've just read up on regex and I think I've translated all of pure-url's defaults into clean links (also needed to enable the http observer option to clean links on refresh like pure-url does). The only two differences I know of between what pure-url can do and what clean links does: pure-url also cleans the URL that is shown when you hover the cursor over the URL without clicking, and pure-url can create site specific rules ([email protected] to remove the ?src= only on I don't know if the first difference is important (as long as the url is changed before the first server connection is made), but that second feature might be worth implementing.

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ArsTechnica Single Page Article

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Install and forget there were ever pages on ars.

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Well I don't have multiple popups for master password, but I tried this out anyway and I like the feature where the main window is hidden.

However... the extension pentadactyl offers two ways of quitting firefox. If I quit using the ZZ shortcut, it turns on the "show my tabs from last time" setting before closing firefox, then the next time firefox starts, the setting is returned to "show homepage".

Somehow, StartupMaster is interfering with this, and my session is not being restored. I tried ticking the setting about loading extensions at a different point, but it didn't solve the issue.

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