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When I add a reminder to an event, I want the reminder to appear "always on top" of everything else I've got open on the display. Can you do this?
The calendar seems to work well otherwise, with a few glitches.
One glitch was adding a repeating event, it added it 'times 3' and I couldn't get it to add only once. But did a workaround that is okay.
Do you want this kind of comment here, or do you have 'bug reports' somewhere?
Thanks for a really useful tool!!!

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.5.1). 

I don't think that a change to the reminder to force it on top is a good thing for such an AddOn (as I'm not sure if it is possible - I think Lightning should implement it itself as I might break something when doing such a big UI change in another AddOn).
I can't reproduce the gitch you described - what exactly did you do? I tested adding a event repeating daily - and it added it to every day...
I prefer getting eMailed for bug reports, ideas and stuff and do only the reviewing here; you should see a support eMail adress on the AddOn's page. It would be great if you write me an eMail with steps how to reproduce the glitch, so I can answer more easy ;)