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I used this great add-on up to TB 68, then waited with upgrading to TB 78 until thre was a compatible version for it as I could not imagine living without it any more. Now I saw the new version 3 for TB 78 so I finally could upgrade.
All seems to work fine except one issue: I have several accounts, all with their own folder structure including Sent and Trash folders. I need the add-on to store copy always in the selected folder inside of the particular account that I am sending the message from. This works OK if I open the message compose window already from within the required account. Then this account is already preselected in the "From" field of the new message and all works well. However sometimes I open the message compose window from another account and only after opening it I realize I need to change the "From" account which I can easily do in the pull-down menu in the From row. BUT the add-on seems not to follow this change which results in the message being stored in Sent/Trash folder of a wrong account than the one that has been finally used for sending the message out.
Would be great if this could be fixed.
Thanks for this excellent tool anyway!!!

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (3.8).