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Very useful addon! But since I have updated to TB 78 I miss (or can't find) the settings to select a default folder. The current default value is the inbox. Therefore I always a receive a message whenever I miss to select "no copy" before sending. I would appreciate "no copy" as default instead. If there is already any possibility to change the default value in the config I would be thankful for a hint. Anyway Günter, thank you very much that you keep this useful addon alive.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (3.3). 

There is no (and has never been) a possibility to select a default folder. The default folder is always the current folder (thats why the add-on is name copysent2current).

What's currently missing are the buttons which allows to 'Send without copy' and 'Send to sent folder', regardless of the current folder. I'm working on this issue.