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Thanks Günter for fast and precise answer to Cry-Pisto. Unfortunately, I also found this only feature extremely useful ("choose target folder after sending" or "Sélectionner lors de l'envoi" for froggies like me).
So useful that I intend to roll back to my previous set. I can roll back to TB 68.X (have to check db compatibility first, can manage this) but my question is:
is there a way to get a previous version of Copy Sent To Current (the convenient one for 68.X) ?
Thank you anyway for your great job somehow frustrating.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (3.2). 

Older versions are available from this website (choose 'previous versions' or whatever it is in you language) or go to my website (choose 'Add-on homepage')
Be sure to use the latest 2.x version.