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I love your portrayal of the GSD. My family (parents) had a few germans as i grew up, only one was a dog we had to lock up when people came. All the others were very friendly, the last one, passed just this last December, and was a black shepherd, so beautiful & so extremely smart. Thanks for a beautiful portrayal of a gorgeous breed.

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There are not very many portrayals of German Shepard Dogs (GSD) for personalizing tools available in my experiences anyway. I appreciate the availability of, and are presently using bhymars "Black German Shepeards" theme, I have had the fortune to sharing a part of my life (I appose using the phrase "dog owner") for the first time with a GSD. To say I have a new appreciation for them would not come close to the admiration I have developed over the past 7 years with my buddy. Point being they are portrayed as serious defenders, family guards, or ferocious and still very majestic pack runners. Take my buddy Apollo a textbook brown and black medium long haired male who because of their nature has been labeled the "badass" by the neighborhood and that's what he is here for. I would like to see what someone with daily GSD experience would submit. If it were me the only time you would see teeth was when he eats noodles or nibbles the skin from a pork rib so not to bite and sliver the bone, the majestic stance as he defends his family would see him running and diving through piles of leaves and dirt dodging us right after taking a bath, or one of the hundreds of pics of him sleeping with any one to all 5 of hem his cats, and/or his 3 rabbits, 2 mice, 1 chicken, and a 23 year old cocketeil that like to sign to him. This is the GSD that people eather walk around or join the group of kids that usually gather around him when i take him to lowes/HD watching him run through all 32 behavior routines which is difficult to do at home where there is nobody to show off for/to, Now he begins the next trick before I have have given his que but in the same order he was taught in. It doesn't need to be dogs shooting pool but they don't hunt in packs anymore eather lol. I'll put this star in my pocket until then.

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