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I am just a code-fascinated Firefox user who learned javascript and xul/xml from library books and the wonderful world-wide-web.

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Addons Manager Hilite

Remembers last selected (hilited) extension/theme/plugin/userstyle in Add-ons Manager. Version 3.0 also includes sorting buttons. Turn off/on the add-on selection list box and/or fine tune behavior via its Options.

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Stay-Open Menu

Facilitates opening multiple items from the Bookmarks Menu and various other bookmark/history related dropdown menus.

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Blue Fox Theme

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Looks really cool while not obscuring text.

Get All Mail Button for TB78++

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Thanks, works fine. The inbuilt keyboard shortcut also works, but I like having a button. Agree that a monochrome or even grayscale icon would look less glaring. I used userChrome.css to sub the inbuilt 'Get Messages' icon:

#gamb_pharqcon_com-browserAction-toolbarbutton {
--webextension-toolbar-image-2x: url("chrome://messenger/skin/icons/getmsg.svg") !important;
list-style-image: url("chrome://messenger/skin/icons/getmsg.svg") !important;

Exact css depends on system; YMMV

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Works well. Appears to work with Process Separation (e10s). Doesn't use FUEL API (which is being removed). Recently updated (meaning developer is currently active). It would be even better if it were restartless, but still excellent. Update: Alternatively, Classic Theme Restorer now also contains a restart button (so I switched to using that).

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.2.8). 


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FireFTP is one of my favorite add-ons. Before I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox years ago, I used IE's built-in ftp. It was enough for my needs at the time, except it kept getting broken over and over. Asking for help fixing it was sure to yield at least one "get a real ftp client" response. FireFTP just works; no time-wasting distractions from website development. I run Firefox Beta, so I really appreciate its author keeping it promptly updated to keep up with Firefox code changes. He's very polite/helpful too, should the need arise to contact him. The interface is flexible enough that I could arrange it to appear much like the IE one I was used to, and simply drag/drop files just like I always did. I use ftp more than ever now, and FireFTP still does everything I want/need. It's as real of an ftp client as anyone could want. The right add-ons make Firefox fantastic; FireFTP is the right add-on for ftp. I've been using FireFTP for a long time now and couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for sharing it on AMO!

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Go Parent Folder

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Works great on Win XP too. Glad to see this functionality available for Fx 3.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.4). 

Winstripe Theme Fix-up for Firefox 3

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Changes are relatively minor (for me on Win XP anyway), but well-done and belong in Fx 3.

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