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Nazwa AHiLdesigns
Zawód Conceptual Design Artist
Strona domowa http://JesseLax.deviantart.com/
Użytkownik od Sie. 7, 2008
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Art. Harmony. Imagination. Life.

If you're in love with Desktop Art, you've probably already used my work. In fact, even if you're not... the odds are that you still have.

From just before 2008 to today, I've built a plethora of work. Several have been of the most stolen and redistributed (without credit) on the Internet. While this doesn't make me proud, I hope it speaks of the quality of my work.

Apart from wallpapers, the breadth of my talent is in Conceptual Design Art. This means I work successfully in wide range Art and Design mediums, with a focus on concept and forward thinking, rather than simply supplying a demand.

Currently: Creative Director for Kwaai Software.

Don't miss out. Find my work... or find me for work.


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Tiny Menu

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I've been using Tiny Menu for quite some time, and I've been completely satisfied with the addon. It's entirely convenient for space saving and I love adding a bit of a personal touch to my browser. thank you!

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (2.0.2). 

Copy Plain Text

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This was an awesome addon. No longer supported. For those of you looking for this functionality, I recommend you use "Extended Copy Menu". Has this feature and more.