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Any Video Downloader : Youtube™ and More

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This extension seems to have a Yahoo redirect bug/script built in. I installed it a week ago & my google search would always divert to Yahoo.uk even though my default search engine was Google.com.au. Even if I typed in google.com.au into the address bar, it would still divert to Yahoo. When I disable it, google works fine. Developer, I am not sure if your extension has been taken over or if you have a financial arrangement with Yahoo. Removed until it is fixed.

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (1.0.6). 

Toolbar Buttons

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Great Addon up until FF55 where it does not work. Another 5 star up until the latest FF

No Resource URI Leak

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It is a great add on but it is not compatiable with Dashlane Password keeper which is the BEST password manager and storing secure passwords is more important so have to remove No Resource. Sorry but fix this and I will rate a five star easily.