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It's not secret but it's not necessary to add details about me at this point in time.

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The problem with version 53.2 has been resolved promptly with an update. I am still trying to understand the advantages of the vCard standard over the one already in Thunderbird. vCard doesn't seem to have caught on.

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (53.5).  Ten użytkownik wystawił dla tego dodatku także inną opinię.


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There was a huge problem immediately I installed it. The Thunderbird 78.4 (64 bit) window resized - It moved to half way down the screen and enlarged so that the bottom part was now viewable. The window could NOT be resized. I disabled it, I could resize the window after that.

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (53.2). 

Open Google Calendar

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Works as intended - a little sparse on instruction to get up and running. Managed anyway.
One question: the text in the calendar is exceptionally small - maybe 8 point, Is it possible to adjust the text size to make it readable without a magnifying glass?
Lightning calendar text can be adjusted - I use about 12 point.

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A no-nonsense, extremely useful add-on for Thunderbird. It's great that it won't allow Thunderbird to open without a password.

Alas, it no longer works. The newer versions of Thunderbird are not compatible. Any chance that you will change it to work with the newer versions of Thunderbird? A lot of people would be ever so grateful