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Open Google Calendar

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This is a great concept, and almost exactly what I need. However, I cannot get Tasks to work. They open for a second and then disappear, and I'm unable to get them to open again. Using Thunderbird 68.3 on Windows 7. Once Tasks work reliably, I'll gladly give 5 stars.

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Reply to Multiple Messages

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While it's nice, I guess, to reply to all senders with a blank email, unfortunately that isn't what I was looking for. For many years I've been hoping for an add-on that would *quote* multiple messages in a reply, so I didn't have to copy and paste all of the content of the conversation I was responding to. (Having come to Thunderbird many years ago from Eudora, I have sorely missed that feature, and have actually requested it in the past). Sadly, that is not what this add-on does.

However, for what it is supposed to do, it seems to work well. Adding the ability to quote all content would make it ideal.

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A five-star add-on, but the latest Thunderbird update (v45) has disabled it. My templates are no longer accessible. I use this add-on for *everything*, and Thunderbird is pretty much crippled without it.

Agreeing with others reporting the same thing. Please fix ASAP!

Update: As I see many with the same issue, and in several places indication that the programmer is no longer reachable regarding this plugin, I have installed Clippings and will attempt to make do with that. It's fairly nice, though lacks a few of QuickText's conveniences. Alas.

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Evernote Tab

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Although the plugin works, it's definitely no substitute for the good old Web Clipper for Thunderbird that Evernote unceremoniously stopped supporting/updating last year. I miss that so much, all of the workarounds, including this one, are so clunky. In addition, I find that every time Evernote Tab opens in Thunderbird, it hogs all my resources and slows my computer (a relatively new Windows 7 notebook with plenty of oomph for everything else) down to a crawl. Very annoying, and it's faster to just copy, open Evernote Desktop, and paste! Not sure if I'll keep this installed, as due to the resource hogging problem, it may be more trouble to use than convenience.

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