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Nazwa DraconisTao
Lokalizacja Everywhere and nowhere.
Zawód Abstract Expressionist Artist, Kinetic Sculptor & Retired Graphic Designer
Użytkownik od Lis. 9, 2016
Liczba utworzonych dodatków 31 motywy
Średnia ocena dodatków autora Oceniono na 4 z 5 możliwych gwiazdek

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A unique man in many ways. If you think you know me, you don't. Possibly a photo of my appearance later. I am a published writer, poet and lyricist. Also a vegetarian (with only the occasional organic, humanely raised meat). I am an activist, bodybuilder and much more. I detest competitions for they are only one or more person's wholly subjective opinion of merit. These are all what I do, not who I am. One truth is I am intense and dark. Note: I am new and inexperienced at creating themes. So for now it is trial and error. But, I will learn, I will get better and my themes will get MUCH BETTER, also. Watch me create and improve immensely.


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