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I think your concept for this them may be off. Brushed metal Apple windows are iconic--its overkill like putting up a blue screen of death with the windows flag over it. Also the fading metal doesn't come off well in a browser. If I wanted to make a skin like this, I'd either just go all out flat-lit brushed metal like its Safari, or I'd experiment with different textures and even throw in a recognizable yet slightly off brand Apple (that is, one that's more than just flat, solid white). Keep trying though, sometime you'll find the balance between a cool pic and a cool thing to take up 1/8 of your screen.

Oceniono na 2 z 5 możliwych gwiazdek autor: is5 wystawiona: Lut. 22, 2011

Sadly a bit blurred on the left side to the apple as if gaussian blur was used to retouch unwanted information.

Oceniono na 3 z 5 możliwych gwiazdek autor: flexigem wystawiona: Sty. 15, 2011

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