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Wersja 226.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 16.*

Just a very minor bug fix for a breaking change in Thunderbird7 (displayName was changed to name in the attachments object).

Wersja 1.3.5 226.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 6.*

  • bug fix: folder 'extract all' fails in TB2 [bug #131]
  • bug fix: ~~~ was being apended to filenames in some cases [bug #138]
  • bug fix: detach mode wasn't being respected for indivual attachment extract. [bug #153]

Wersja 1.3.3 226.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 3.0b2

* bug fix: extracts all inbox attachments rather than just selected. Bug also broken MRU menu on indivual extract. [bug #100]
* bug fix: detaching multiple emails failed. (Change in TB3) [bug #99]

Wersja 1.3.2 226.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 3.0b2

bug fix: individual extract MRU and browse broken

Wersja 1.2.2 216.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 3.0b2

*improvement: stopped loading images in the background prior to saving them as this can be very slow, especially in Thunderbird 3. My tests showed an up to 200% boost by blocking images. Can be reenabled if nessecary by setting (hidden) preference attachmentextractor.dontloadimages to false.
* bug fix: cleartag with autoextract now correctly clearing tag. [bug #36]
* bug fix: Detaching failed on macOS (in 1.2.1 changelog, missing from release) [bug #59]
* bug fix: Multiple email sequence fail (collision) with auto-extract. (in 1.2.1 changelog, missing from release) [bug #52]

Wersja 201.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 3.0a3

* improvement: AttachmentExtractor can now extract RSS feed attachments (enclosures). A third progress bar for file download has been added for RSS.
* improvement: added #folder# token to file name pattern.
* improvement: moved all the entries in the 'tools' menu to more relevant menus for better integration. Also moved context menu items to be consistent.
* improvement: rewrote the pattern settings tab to be more user friendly and self explainitory. Some of the example can be modified to see how the pattern would change. Moved the Date pattern to be in a seperate dialog.
* improvement: added a 'add token' button to pattern settings dialog and patternextract dialog.
* improvement: AE can now send out read-reciepts when mark-read, including optional preference overriding for 'ask me' settings.
* improvement: added 'from' to html report generated [bug #2]
* change: reworded reportgen settings text to indicate that an absolute path can be used as well as a relative one.
* bug-fix: '"Save message txt to file" function does not work' fixed [bug #23]
* bug-fix: 'files with extension *.K$$ are saved as *.K$' fixed [bug #24]
* bug fix: 'huge security hole: javascript execution' fixed [bug #34]
* bug-fix: AE deletes the content of .doc files [bug #30]
* technical-change: rewrote some code in an iterative rather than recursive style and changed main classes to prototypes to try and speed up/reduce memory usage. Other code changes/optimisation.

Wersja 1.1.1 229.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* bug fix: fixed broken Japanese locale.
* bug fix: fixed context-menu not working .
* bug fix: both AE and Thunderbrowse were using the same coding shorthand (Cc and Ci).

Wersja 1.1 194.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* improvement: there is now the ability to execute an external application after extraction with the attachments saved.
* improvement: each attachment can be executed individually with their registered application also.
* improvement: there is an option to extract the email text/html also, with the same filename pattern options. Inline attachment code is changed to point to the saved attachment
* improvement: whole folder extraction can now optionally include sub-folders via an additional menu item.
* improvement: you can now specify an absolute path for the report name in ReportGen settings. The intention was always just to have a 'name' rather than a full path but given the frequent bug reports to me caused by people setting this incorrectly it seems to be a required feature. Settings gui will be changed in a later version to reflect this addition.
* improvement: with individual message extraction there is now progress text in the status bar text as there's no progress dialog.
* improvement: finished off adding MRU to everywhere (toolbar button, individual attachment context menu, etc).
* improvement: any user set preferences are saved to debug log every time to aid discovering problems.
* change: moved the specialised 'with custom filename pattern' default option into the custom filename pattern menu (when MRU is enabled) to reduce menu clutter.
* change: queued requests are now enabled by default. Its safer.
* bug fix: a broken aereport.html (e.g. blank) caused errors.
* bug fix: AE no longer activates twice if you use the toolbar button and select one of the MRU task items.
* bug fix: it was possible to enter a broken filename pattern in the custom dialog but not the settings dialog - put #count# fix in custom dialog too.
* bug fix: handled error in internal detaching code which should fix most of the error reports about messages being deleted when detaching. It won't reduce detaching failures but at least the message shouldn't disappear if it happens.
* bug fix: fixed an issue where detaching wouldn't work when the message wasn't deleted afterwards. Mainly seemed to affect IMAP.
* technical change: removed dependency on attachmentextractor-prefs.dtd in main overlays by relocating 'browse...' string to attachmentextractor.dtd.
* technical change: made the MRU menus dynamically disable/enable on every popup so I don't have to have a hard-coded list of elements to change.

Wersja 1.0.1 172.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* improvement: added the token #fromemail# to the possible patterns and changed #from# to only output the senders name rather than both.
* improvement: added some menu options in the Tools|Extract Attachments menu to just delete attachments without doing any extracting work.
* improvement: there's now an option to not extract if minimum file size not met, with AE file saving anyway.
* improvement: AE now skips emails without attachments (with auto-extract) - thanks to Lukas Durfina who suggested a quick way of avoiding loading the whole window for attachment-less messages.
* improvement: added settings gui to enable/disable queued requests.
* improvement: reduce time spent on empty emails - very slight change.
* improvement: added MRU folder list to the toolbar button as well as reworking the code to generate on the fly.
* change: worked around 'attachment sizes' incompatibility by changing the way the event 'onpopupshown' is handled.
* change: changed settings gui & pref structure with attachment file saving so 'disable saving' is one of the check box items.
* bug fix: fixed auto extract not working when no active folder showing in main window.
* bug fix: fixed bug in Russian localisation (possibly non-Latin in general) when the MRU list was getting corrupted.
* bug fix: overcame a bug in Thunderbird where detached attachments with commas in the filenames weren't able to be opened.

Wersja 1.0 173.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*


* improvement: Added capability to use AttachmentExtractor on individual attachments in the attachment area in preview pane and message windows. Individual extracting doesn't delete or mark the message read afterwards but otherwise follows the same settings.
* improvement: AE's toolbar button is automatically added the first time you install AE if you've not already got it there. This will only happen once and if you remove it then it won't come back.
* improvement: The progress dialog now has progress bars as well as filenames and subjects. You can turn off the filenames and subject display in the settings dialog if you wish.
* improvement: Extraction requests can now be queued, rather than creating a new process. At the moment this isn't enable by default but can be by setting the preference attachmentextractor.queuerequests to true
* improvement: Invalid filename patterns, where the #count# token is missing, are 'fixed' automatically in the settings dialog so the user can't accidentally break AE.
* bug fix: fixed bug in clear MRU code which always cleared off the last MRU item either on restart or settings change.
* bug fix: not having a default TB download folder specified doesn't now cause problems.
* bug fix: AE will now fail silently if a RSS feed message or an external attachment (a previously detached attachment) is attempted.

Wersja 0.9.6 160.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* improvement: Added settings gui to enable/disable MRU, which you can now do without restarting.
* improvement: You can now specify in the settings how many MRU folders you want to remember.
* improvement: MRU can be cleared with a clear button in the setting dialog.
* bug fix: Reorganised MRU code to minimize startup errors.

Wersja 153.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* improvement: Now works properly with search folders.
* improvement: AE's toolbar button and menus now enable and disable based on the current selection.
* improvement: The toolbar button has been enhanced with a drop-drown menu for different options to be selected.
* improvement: Added a settings option to set the attachment saved date to the email date if required.
* improvement/bug fix: Works better with newsgroups. Used to truncate files sometimes.
* improvement: Added a 5 most recently used folders in a submenu to extract to again quickly. Enabled by default but There's no settings gui for it but can be disabled with the preference "attachmentextract.savepathmru". Requires a restart to disable/enable.
* improvement: The changelog loads off the website the first time AE is run or upgraded.
* improvement: Changed main overlay to use tags rather than 'oncommand' attribute so I can enable/disable more efficiently.
* bug fix: fixed bug with "'" occurring in the attachment filename.
* bug fix: fixed bug with last used folder not being retrieved with folder selector dialogs.
* bug fix: slightly changed default sizes used for pref window, defined the em's rather than px's and let the user resize the window (when opened via tools menu).
* bug fix: fix a memory leak - by wrapping an object before I passed it to c++ code.

Wersja 127.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* improvement: replaced Thunderbird's file saving code with my own streaming code so I can control it and continue as soon as saving is complete. This is much more efficient than checking every few milliseconds if everything is done.
* improvement: enabled detach for auto-extract. Personally I thought it was a dangerous option to have but its been asked for so it can now be enabled, albeit with a strongly worded warning first.
* improvement: reports are now localised like the rest of the user interface.
* improvement: reorganised the settings dialog to make detach/deleting options more intuitive. Previously it needed 3 options in 2 different tabs to be checked to enable detaching.
* improvement: if desired, the actual saving part of AttachmentExtractor can be disabled.
* improvement: error logging to a file, (something enabled during development but disabled for release), can now be turned on with a preference.
* improvement: attachment files can now have their date set to the date of the email (only with AE's internal saving code). There's no gui in this version but you can set the preference attachmentextractor.setdatetoemail to true to enable.
* improvement: if there's an error in AttachmentExtractor then a message is now shown indicating that something has gone wrong.
* bug fix: rewrote main attachmentextractor class in an alternative coding style to fix a bug when sometimes getPref fails.
* bug fix: converting code for 0.8-0.9 include/exclude (user-defined) preferences was broken - it generated string in the form .ext rather than *.ext. Fixed for future versions and also reconverted from 0.9 to fix.
* bug fix: freezes were reported by some users so removed the fix in 0.9 (using download manager) and replaced with code to check if the attachment size is greater than 0 (i.e. has started extracting). Seems to work fine. If internal saving is enabled then this is skipped anyway.
* bug fix: compact folders being turned on broke AE if it happened to trigger during extraction so now the preference is disabled during extraction.
* contribution: Matteo F Zazzetta contributed a large amount (100+ lines) of code to handle generated filenames that are longer than 255 characters in windows, while maintaining the #count# strings properly.

Wersja 0.9 131.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* improvement: AttachmentExtractor can now auto-extract on email receipt, either individually or after all the messages have been downloaded. AttachmentExtractor can optionally only auto-extract when the email is tagged with a matching specified tag, and optionally clear that tag once the attachments have been saved.
* improvement: auto-extract has its own range of after-extract actions and a file replacement strategy, along with a optional separate download location.
* improvement: integrated a companion extension I wrote previously, ae_reportgen, directly into attachmentextractor. This extension generated a (x)html report every time attachment extractor was run. Either a new report is generated or the new extraction information is added to the previous report.
* improvement: report generation can be styled with a standard css style sheet that can be specified. Any existing report is updated with the current style sheet settings.
* improvement: regular expressions can now be specified directly for the include/exclude filename settings. Any pattern starting with "/" is treated as a reg-ex. They must be well formed or things will break so if you are clever enough to use them then use them with care!
* improvement: reworked cleanSubjectLine after Matteo F Zazzetta suggested an improved version.
* change: removed downloads.rdf delete on startup code as no longer necessary in tb2.0.
* change: changed separator character in include/exclude patterns to ";" from "," as "," is a control character in reg-ex's.
* change: changed internal detaching code to reflect changes in nsMessenger, which its based upon.
* optimisation: optimised some of the images. shaved off 5k.
* bug fix: slightly reworking because changes in nsMessenger in between tb2 beta2 and tb2 rc1 versions broke AttachmentExtractor completely. Thanks guys!
* bug fix: the author & subject strings are now filtered to stop # codes and folder separator characters from accidentally getting through. Double quotes in author are stored as \" thus they used to break the filename saving code.
* bug fix: attachments were sometimes cut short on large files so now the download manager is checked to only continue when all saving files have finished.
* contribution: Matteo F Zazzetta contributed a bug fix for a mistake in AttachmentFileMaker constructor.
* contribution: Matteo F Zazzetta contributed modified code in aewindow.js, adding try catch statements around some methods to help ae recover from single errors.

Wersja 0.8 118.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 1.5b - 2.0b2

full changelog on website.

* improvement: replaced Thunderbird attachment detaching code with my own internal version written in Javascript. The 400-500 lines of C++ were rewritten by hand into JavaScript so it should work exactly the same way as Thunderbird's own, but without any pesky confirmation boxes.
* improvement: if the internal detaching is used then attachments can be 'detached' (deleted but a link left to the detached file) rather than just 'deleted'.
* improvement: upgraded the exclude/include settings that previously just checked file extensions to now test for whole filename string. Use the fairly straightforward windows *.* notation.
* improvement: rewrote quite a lot of the filename generating code. Technical explanation: rewrote the code in an iterative rather than recursive style. As much as I liked the mathematically correct concise recursive functions, this is the real world and some people have reported errors where Thunderbird is complaining about too much recursion.
* improvement: added a 'clean' subject example in settings dialog.
* bug-fix: fixed a potential (but unreported) but when extract to default is used without setting the default folder first.
* change: reduced default next message and next attachment delay times because there is more control over the processes now so I don't need so much tolerance. Speeded it up basically.
* change: reorganised the settings dialog into 3 different panes rather than 2. This is to move the (now) more advanced filename filtering options into advanced and to give filename patterns its own pane.
* contribution: ejo rewrote the settings dialog xul. This hasn't been used 'as is' due to a bug with tabbed panes but I have adopted parts of his contribution.

Wersja 100.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 1.5 - 2.0.0.*

see changelog for full details.

Wersja 0.7 99.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 1.5 - 2.0.0.*

Wersja 0.6.5 80.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 1.5 - 1.5.0.*

changelog for 0.6.5:

* Not going to fix detaching for now as will require major rewrite.
* improvement: Toolbar button. Left click to extract selected to default, right click to a folder you select.
* improvement: Instead of using Thunderbird's default download folder, you can now set a special AE default folder
* improvement: Animated progres dialog image :-)
* improvement: You can now add the email subject ("#subject#") and email date ("#date#") into the filename pattern. Proper setting gui in next version, honest.
* improvement: Attachment Extractor now always generates filenames using the filename pattern.
* improvement: Added ability to specify filename pattern preference every time extraction is carried out via a new menu item.
* localisation: Chinese Traditional locale contributed.

Wersja 0.6 51.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 1.5 - 1.5.0.*

see homepage for changelog.

Wersja 0.5.2 41.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 0.8 - 1.5

Detaching is disabled because its broken.

Wersja 0.5 38.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 0.8 - 1.0+

Wersja 0.4 33.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 0.8 - 1.0+

New: Notifies you when its done extracting, if more than 1 message is selected.
See my website for full change-log.

Wersja 0.3.2 29.0 KiB Działa z Thunderbird 0.7 - 1.0