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Following the auto-update by Mozilla TBv602.1.1 FSTC ceased to work on my PC. This Add-on I find essential to read TB messages. The developer worked rapidly and has issued FSFC v64.6 which works flawlessly with TBv60.2.1. Thank you Bzzz for a fantastic job.

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Bzzz this Add-On was what made Thunderbird usable for me. Thank you, it's great.

But following Thunderbird's auto update 60.2.1. on 2 October 2018, TF&SC has been disabled on my WIN10PC.

I know TF&SC 64.4 works for other folks but I get error messages saying it (and actually other Add-Ons) are not compatible with TB 60.2.1. I've asked TB Support to help me.

Maybe I need a clean install of TB or I need to recreate my TB profile.

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (64.4). 

Okay, I just updated my test machine to 60.2.1 as well, and it still works. Does Windows 10 install some 64bit version of Thunderbird? I only have Win7 and it updates to the 32bit version.