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Old Default Image Style

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I was so aggravated when Firefox updated and changed the way linked images are displayed. I hunted up and down trying to find a setting to let me change the styling of the image viewer. There wasn't any information anywhere.

I happened to find this add-on after hunting around for a good while. This add-on does exactly what it's intended to, it displays images in a white background that is justified to the right like most every other browser out there.

This answered everything I was looking for. I have absolutely no complaints about this plug-in at all. If you're confused why images are centered with a black background and you want to get rid of it, download and install this add-on, you won't be sorry!

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FxIF is one of the best EXIF displaying add-ons that there is. I have come to rely on this addon due to the simple fact of me being a photo nerd. I love delving deep into the EXIF data of photos just to see what settings and equipment people are using for their photographs.

The convenience of FxIF is exceptional. I don't have to download any images to get the info. Just right click on an image and "view FxiF" and the dialog will pop up with all of the attached EXIF data.

If you're looking to view EXIF data around the web, this is definitely the add-on to go for. It's much more aesthetically pleasing than some of the other options out there. Give it a try!

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