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In the latest version this extension is multilangual. Can you put an option in it, to choose english again? Many program (Lightroom) showing exif info in english. I just need a couple of seconds to realize "Középre súlyozott" metering means "Center-weighted". Also Exiftool and Jeffrey's Exif Viewer showing the entries in english! Don't get me wrong, I love my crazy Hungarian native language, but I know what exif entry means what better in english. :)

Not a big deal to change:
locale fxif hu locale/hu/
locale fxif hu locale/en-US/
in chrome.manifest, but a back-end option would be nice.

Just like "Wolverine", I also want an option to remove FxIF from the right-click Page Info tab (where you can see elements of a webpage). On a standard 1366x768 laptop screen it just going down from the screen. I unable to make it less big vertically, because the top and the bottom of the window is out of my screen! I can close the Page Info window only with ESC!
Not every user want to see this all-time exif info under the Page Info. Me either. Most of us use the Page Info for coder purposes (easily mass download images), not to view pictures. Many of us wants to find out exif info on the fly, on the webpage, not in the Page Info dialog box. Please make this option optional!!! I understand your vision: the not so advanced users don't know how to hide the 1x1px transparent gif from above the pictures with Adblock. For them, good option to show exif in Page Tab dialog. But for many coders and advanced users (with little laptop screen) it's just annoying. It makes unusable the Page Info tab. We need to turn off FxIF to find something and later turn on again.

This is the best EXIF viewer extension in any platform. Simple and fast. Please don't f*ck up with these little annoying things! :)

Also an option would be highly welcome to choose what entries I want to see in the FxIF pop-up vindow. Maybe put them in order and put white-space between groups vertically.

This extension, with the same pop-up vindow simplicity, would be highly welcome on Chrome platform also! FxIF one of the few extensions that still keep me to use Firefox!

I see you removed from Page Info in v0.4.7.1. I made my language hack and it's perfect again.

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FxIF is mutlilingual from the beginning on. But the Hungarian translation was just added in 0.4.7.
I can't say if it's possible to switch languages programmatically. Normally the application (e.g. Firefox) automatically choses the right localization from your browser language. I'll look into this for the next version.

Including that oversized list in page info wasn't done on purpose and already fixed, but that you've already found out. But nevertheless sorry for that.

Oceniono na 5 z 5 możliwych gwiazdek

This is really the best exif viewer online! It makes your life so much easier!

But it can be more good, if we have an option to show only those exif entries that we want. ;)

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