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I love this plugin, it's so much nicer to use than others which display every single field from the EXIF data. However, I do wish it could show the Lens field too. In terms of importance, this is surely right up there with the camera body - if not more important, in fact!

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Lens informations aren’t located in standard EXIF data but in Maker Notes. Those differ in name, organisation a.s.o. for each manufacturer (and sometimes product line), and so I refrained from it to be honest. But I agree that it’s important and I just put it on the ToDo for 0.5 at least for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax – given I can find demo images (image donations are welcome).
Addendum: Oh, while looking at image files with lens informations I discovered it’s even ugglier than I feared. But I’ll nevertheless try it for 0.5. In the meantime you might have luck and the information is displayed for some images already with 0.4.x because this versions already evaluate that information when stored in the XMP block.