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Session Manager

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Edit: I am enjoying continued use of this excellent add-on by using the Waterfox browser available from in place of Firefox Quantum / v.57.
This extension contains almost my entire online life and it will not be the same without it. If it would keep it alive for Firefox 57 and would donate again and again. But I fear it is now too late for that. If necessary, I will switch to Waterfox as my main browser just to keep using this, and the Scrapbook extension (about which I could say the same thing). Whatever happens, I thank you very much, Michael, for every bit of love and work you have put into this. May it be returned to you in some way multiplied, both financial and otherwise.

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Extension List Dumper

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Does not work and no longer updated. It should be removed from the addon repository.

EDS Calendar Integration

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren Ubuntu 14.04 and Thunderbird 31. No start up problems or delays. Events immediately sychronized after installing the addon and restarting Thunderbird.


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Evolution Mirror

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Events and tasks not synchronized in Ubuntu 14.04 and Thunderbird 31

Manually sort folders

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Very happy with it, especially since FolderPane Tools doesn't seem to be working for me any more in TB 3.0.4.

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I don't often review addons but lightning is probably one of the best and my most used addon for Thunderbird.

If you are reviewing and rating Lightning for use with Thunderbird 3 you are reviewing a product that doesn't exist yet. Please stop posting the one-star reviews. This review page is for the *latest release* of Lightning that works for Thunderbird 2 builds.

Please don't review this excellent work one star and demotivate the excellent developers who give their time freely to this project.

(TB 3 has only *just* come out. Software releases don't always coincide... especially in the open source world which depend on donations and freely-given man-power resources. If you follow the release notes and version numbering (as you should) you will see that Lightning 0.9 is only compatible up to TB 2. DO NOT install TB 3 if you want to use Lightning until Lightning release for this version is ready (or try the test release of Lightning given by other reviewers below -- if you do this, back up your calendars regularly and be prepared for possible problems). Please have the patience to wait for the next release of Lightning before submitting reviews for that version.)

P.S. If you donated to the Lightning project, instead of just complaining, it might be ready earlier.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (0.9).