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Evolution Mirror

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My setup is: Fedora 15, Thunderbird 6, Lightning 1.0.0.b5pre (all official Fedora packages), Evolution 3.0.2. You NEED to install the python bindings for Evolution FIRST for this add-on to work! On Fedora 15 this package is called "gnome-python2-evolution" in Add/Remove Software.Once I installed the above package, and then the add-on, Thunderbird really chugged when it restarted. I had five calendars, and I don't purge old events. Plus, I hadn't used one of my calendars in a while and it was not switched on in TB, but the Mirror add-on was still adding its events to Evolution - I didn't expect that. Once I removed said dormant calendar, restarted TB one more time, and got a coffee while the plug-in did its thing, everything worked as advertised. I liked that it works, and I can now click the clock in Gnome Shell and see my schedule at a glance. What this add-on needs is better error checking (eg. if the python-evolution bindings are missing) and some kind of progress indicator for the first sync.

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