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5 stars isn't enough to express my appreciation for this add-on!

If it weren't for add-on developers like Arris, I would have abandoned Thunderbird many, many years ago.

CustomizeMyBird goes light years beyond ClassicToolBarButtons and other add-ons that the community has generously contributed over the years to compensate for the apparent decision-by-fiat culture that seems to have permeated the core development teams' decision-making-by-fiat process as regards the ordinary user community. [And I do appreciate most are sincere volunteers.]

True, the technology and development must move forward, and as a result some features in the internals may be lost and/or gained. But the BASIC UI/UX (along with its options and history) need to remain a constant so that the day-to-day work of ordinary users isn't majorly disrupted, as was the case with T-bird '60.

I believe that T-bird's core developers have routinely lost sight of the fact that a major portion T-bird's
User-Community does _not_ intersect with the User-Developer community. On a bad day I'm under the delusion that T-bird core developers believe their entire user base is comprised only of other T-bird internals developers.

In my opinion, the code in CustomizeMyBird (and its further development) should be at the core of T-bird's future UI/UX development. Add-Ons are, well, add-ons and Add-On development by the community should not have to compensate for whatever is seriously lacking in the present and long-standing UI/UX development process.

Thank you, Arris.

[And yes, I will find the appropriate blog to post the rant section of this review]

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (2.7.8). 


Waardering 3 van 5 sterren

Compact headers worked (for years) in conjunction with the ToggleHeaders add-on.

The specific behavior (on Mac Version 38.6.0):

When I forward emails I expect the header setting to appear in the forwarded
email. Thus, when I expand handers to full headers (either using "View->Headers->All or with the ToggleHeaders "h" key), I expect full headers to
appear in my forwarded message. Such was the former behavior. Now CompactHeaders compacts the headers (to a medium length header) and doesn't allow me to forward the full header.

For this reason I've disabled CompactHeaders until a fix is available. Thus my 5-star rating is now a 3.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (2.1.0).