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Naam Davide Moltisanti
Locatie Singapore
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Gebruiker sinds dec 1, 2020
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Markdown Here Revival

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Thanks a lot for this, I was really missing it :)


Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Thanks a lot John for your incredibly valuable work. I had been using Thunderbird for a long time, then left it because getting calendars and contact syncing was becoming a pain. After a few years, I came back to Thunderbird because of TbSync really.

I think TbSync is so good it should be embedded in Thunderbird. I read there are some plans to do that in the future, I'm really looking forward to it since I believe Thunderbird would benefit a lot from it.

Regarding the latest move to set Google support as experimental, I totally understand it and respect it. What people really don't understand is that this is a *free* add-on for a *free* software (which works great). It is so frustrating to read people demanding things yet not willing to pay a penny.

I hope despite being experimental Google support will keep working, as this is what attracts many users to use use this awesome add-on. Please keep up the good work :)


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