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Solved my Microsoft Teams invitation issue (could not see invitation date and time and could not add event to thunderbird calendar)!

My company switched from a webmail service to office365 email and use of microsoft teams for meetings etc. Invitations send from my company colleagues were received in my thunderbird without date/time and without option to accept or add event to calendar. When sending invitation to external e-mail, thunderbird could see the ics file and gives option to accept, add to calendar etc. Microsoft Teams hides, for some reason, the ics file for invitations send from internal (company) invitations.

After 10 hours of searching to solve this issue, I found this, and works like a charm!

Sidenote: it works only for invitations received after installing it, past invitations are still hidden. No worries for me, I just starting using Teams

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (1.0).