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Private Tab

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What I really want is for some domains to default to private mode such that one needs to do something for it to be otherwise. If a user is visiting one of these domains and clicks a link, it should also be in private mode even if it isn't pointing at the same domain. ...unless the user right clicks on the link and selects normal mode or something. This should be global. It shouldn't matter where or how one enters the URL. As it is, the user could goof up and enter it by some other means and wind up not in private mode. It needs to be Grandpa proof. Grandpa won't admit he goes to certain sites but as he's fond of saying, "I'm old, not dead." ;-)

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Some sites are problematic and that pop-up prompt you get so used to clicking "Save". I've had problems with MS Exchange web access at work and today Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.net. Sites with 2-step verification often have 2 password fields. It copies the wrong password and then you overwrite the old one accidentally. If you use a good password generator, this leaves you without access. Feature request: A per entry "Never update" check box in addition to an entry specific check box for keeping a brief PW history for problematic sites. Could put in a warning that history is a last resort." Store the history in memory so that it goes away when the browser shuts down.
A more secure alternative would be to have an additional button that updates the timestamp only rather than the userid / pw fields and a prompt if the current PW is different from the old one.

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Google Contacts

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Doesn't work anymore.