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MDN Interface Documentation Generator Vereist herstart

Generate MDN Interface Documentation from IDL files.

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Fox Web Security Vereist herstart

Protection from adult content (parental control) and from dangerous sites.
Entrust protection for yourself and your children to professionals!

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ImageBlock for seamonkey Vereist herstart

Updated version of imageblock by Hemant Vats to work with seamonkey 2.29.
Provides a fast way to disable images in web pages that's usually set by the image manager sub-menu.

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HTML5 Loop Vereist herstart

Loop HTML5 Video and Music.

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Diccionario de sinónimos ES Vereist herstart

Adds to browser Spanish(ES) synonyms dictionary from package LibreOffice.

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SyncKolab Vereist herstart

SyncKolab can synchronize your calendar, address book and tasks against an IMAP server in Kolab formats version 1 (vCard/iCal) or version 2 (XML) or turn your Thunderbird/Lightning into a native Kolab Client (

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MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay Vereist herstart

Disables default delay when installing...

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AutoCopy 2 Vereist herstart

Copies selected text to the clipboard automatically.

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cacaoweb Vereist herstart

Watch videos without limit

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MR Tech About:About Vereist herstart

Adds the following "about:" options to the Help menu

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QFO - Quick Fuck Off Vereist herstart

This extension serves the purpose of providing instant access to the FOAAS web service. FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.

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ALLYouTubeDownloader Vereist herstart

ALLYouTubeDownloader extention (FLV/MP4/WebM; HD/HQ). Windows only. Works only with ALL YouTube Downloader 2.3 application or higher (versions 2.2 and lower doesn't work anymore).

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BOINC Stats 2 Vereist herstart

Displays your Total and Recent Average Credits for BOINC distributed computing projects in the status bar.

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UrlParams Vereist herstart

Shows you the GET and POST parameters of the current website in the sidebar...

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Kukkuniiaat Vereist herstart

A Greenlandic spell checker for Mozilla products.

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CloseTab Vereist herstart

Lightweight add-on which adds to right-click menu 3 items allowing to close current tab, open a new one and reopen closed one. Right-click anywhere on site instead of using keyboard or finding buttons.

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Flashblock Ultimate Alt Zero Vereist herstart

This extention allow to remove focus from embedded flash object by pressing Ctrl+Esc or Ctrl+F12 (see mozilla superbug: 78414) and move focus back by Alt+Esc or Alt+F12

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Hash Password Generator Vereist herstart

Generates different passwords for each website using a choice of multiple algorithms.

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NoRedirect Vereist herstart

NoRedirect lets the user take control of HTTP redirects. It can be used to interdict an ISP's DNS search redirection hijacks, preview/screen "shortened" URLs (e.g., TinyURL), stop the annoying redirection of "smart" error pages, etc.

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Web Cache View Plus Proxy Vereist herstart

Displays a web cache and/or web proxy view of a web page. You can call it from menu of tab, page context, link context and maybe while page loading.

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