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Still not working. No calendars to choose from in the list, while adding. Just updated to 17 jan 2020 version without luck. Tried to switch firefox compatmode on, but still nothing after several restarts and internet research.

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4.4.1 Not working. After logging into google account, no calendars appear to choose from. Works fine on thunderbird 52.9.1 with version 3.3, when I downgraded.
I suggest people use the CALdav method, add CALdav calendar instead and write https://apidata.googleusercontent.com/caldav/v2/[email protected]/events as the address. Then you can also choose the mail account you want to associate it with. So that if you have any invitations, you can add them from your company e-mail with any domain name.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (4.4.1).