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Sound to work well.
But I did not find a way to install SOgo Connector Extension to sync with my Fruux account.

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I can understand that you stopped developing the program, but why wouldn't you tell us about it in advance?!

Update: I found out about https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/calaendar/lightning/candidates/6.2b6-candidates/build1/linux-x86_64, that helped, but I still don't get the unprofessional behavior.

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I'm a very old user of linux thunderbird, the latest 60.2.1 (64-bit) release took me back a few years ago when it was an adventure to get lightning calendar addon to work.

So many people depend on TB and lightning that it's just sad, frustrating to see this happen all over again.

Why would you release a new version of TB without the calendar plugin? 99% of TB users have and depend on lightning addon. The truth is people mainly use TB because of lightning calendar.

A few days have passed since the release and no addon yet.

Shame on you guys.

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This add-on should be integrated in Thunderbird because totaly compulsory.
Since recent upgrade to Thunderbird 60 lightning for Linux doesn't work anymore... but thanks to a previous review I didn't lose my appointments !
The solution is to remove Lightning, then run "sudo apt install xul-ext-lightning"

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Gutes Kalender-Addon.
Für Ubuntu-Benutzer, bei denen es seit Thunderbird 60.2.1 wie bei mir nicht mehr geht:
Addon aus Thunderbird entfernen, Thunderbird beenden, per apt das Paket "xul-ext-lightning" installieren.

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Ich war bis Heute 18.10.2018 mit Lightning sehr zufrieden und habe es auch anderen Empfohlen. Seit Heute kann ich nur jedem abraten, den seit Heute kann ich nicht mehr an meine Termine. Ohne Ankündigung wurde Lightning einfach deaktiviert. Das ist ein NO GO und darf nie passieren, denn was nützt ein Kalender, wenn man die Termine nicht sehen kann!

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Got me in trouble at work this week! had no access to my calendar! because TB 60 update! was not compatible with lightning. This add-on should be part of TB or be developed by TB in tandem one star rating and waste of my donations

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j'ai suivi la procédure donnée par Antier (merci) : cela fonctionne parfaitement. J'ai retrouvé mon calendrier.

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To anyone coming here complaining about updates - mozilla is updating lightning and there are versions for thunderbird 60, they are just not posting them here.
You can get the latest here - https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/calendar/lightning/candidates/
or from the ubuntu ppa

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Hi, will be a new version of Lightning??? Or new version of Thunderbird is the end for Lightning???

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j'ai suivi le conseil de Gornthorn (merci)
En bas de page cliquer sur Dir 6.2b6-candidates/ , puis sur build1/, puis sur linux-x86_64/, et ensuite télécharger le fichier lightning-6.2b6.fr.xpi.
Ensuite dans Thunderbird, modules complémentaires, extensions,outils pour tous les modules et installer un module depuis un fichier et... ça fonctionne.
J'ai retrouvé mon calendrier.

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I'm running Thunderbird 60.2.1 (64 bit) on Linux Mint 19. I find Thunderbird a very nice replacement for MS Outlook. I want to add the Lightning extension but the catalogue tells me there are NO compatible versions of Lightning available. What's up with that????? When will Lightning be available for my version of Thunderbird???

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Doesn't work any more. I tried the candidate versions as indicated in other reviews, but Thunderbird tells me these XPI files are corrupt.

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Un petit contre temps avec Thunderbird 60.2...

Comme l'indique un des commentaires précédents, il suffit de se rendre sur le serveur des développeurs pour récupérer la dernière version :

Ici, le fichier lightning-6.2b6.fr.xpi qui est la version en français de Lightning...

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Suddenly Lightning doesn't work! After "upgrade" of Thunderbird to 60,2,1
My day is dependent on a working calendar function. This is one of the things that may not happen. Never!
After some work I found a workaround that saved me.

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Ne fonctionne pas avec Thunderbird 60, pourquoi ?

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For anybody who is using Ubuntu and got the Thunderbird 60 update and now is no longer able to use Lightning

The solution is to remove Lightning, then run "sudo apt install xul-ext-lightning" to then get the correct version of lightning and your calender should still be intact.

**Alternative solution for all platforms.**

Solution to Lightning on Thunderbird 60:

On this link you will see that Thunderbird 60 requires Lightning version 6.2.


You can download this version from Mozilla here:


I used version "Dir 6.2b6-candidates/" at bottom of page.

Download the .xpi file for you OS (Win, Mac or Linux).

Install via the "Install Add-On from file" from the drop-down menu on the Firefox>Addons>Extensions page.

Works normally. No problems.


Further note for NEXTCLOUD users

Initially it won't sync after upgrade. The solution is simple:


For all Users with Thunderbird 60 problems with Address and Calendar Sync.
You need

-> about:config
----> network.cookie.same-site.enabled = true —> false

Deze gebruiker heeft een eerdere beoordeling van deze add-on.

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It's a shame, the application works very well but the developers do not follow the updates. In summary, I no longer have access to my agenda .

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Using TB 63.0g1,
Install is not working. Please Update

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According to the MDN mozilla developers docs page, there should be a stable release of Lightning, released on October 2nd. But I can't find it anywhere, only the nightly and candidate (beta) versions FTP site. Using 6.2b6 got me my calendar back for now, but I'd much rather have the stable than a beta.