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The feature I am lacking for is a keyboard shortcut to restore/focus a window.

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It is very nice (especially, because of showing new mail icon properly!), but there is something to improve.

1. It would be very convenient, if icon options contained an options "Click to move to current desktop and activate" and "Click to activate and change desktop". The matter is that by default a click hides a window, when it is open, or restores it, if it is hidden. Thus, if you want to have the window before your eyes, you need one or two clicks depending on the situation, or scroll the wheel twice (down and then up). It would be much more convenient to click once independently of the initial state of the window to make the window appear before your eyes (depending of personal taste: either by moving the window to the current desktop or by changing the desktop to the window).

2. The default icons are not scaled automatically in the system tray (KDE4). With some icon themes (crystalsvg) they turn out to be too small. I replaced them with custom icons (from /usr/lib??/thunderbird or /usr/lib??/firerfox directories), but in the case of firefox it initially scales too large, and I need to force it to disappear and reappear to make it be properly scaled. Probably, some interaction with system tray is broken.

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Hi, as for 1. I think this is partially covered by the middle click.

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Good work, but there are two missing features:
1. Left-click on the icon does not restore the windows (unlike all the KDE applications).
2. It does not inform me that the "newest" messages (marked by stars in the Thunderbird) has come. I have a great need of this feature, since I often delay reading some new messages (which may be important, but not urgent), but I still need to be notified about newer messages (which may be more urgent). Since I am not sitting near the computer permanently, I may skip the beep or pop-up notification, but I have to know about it just by throwing a glance at the display, without keeping in mind the initial number of new messages. It could be realized, for example, by changing the color of the icon, once new mail arrives. (This feature existed in the "New Mail Icon" add-on, which seems to be currently unsupported and does not work with TB3.)

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