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Sensitivity Header

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This simple add-on works great! Since forever, to be quasi-compatible with my Outlook peers, I've been adding the:

Sensitivity: Company-Confidential

header manually via another add-on. This makes the selection of "private", "personal", or "Company-Confidential" (the case matters) easy.


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Invaluable tools for making minor tweaks to HTML before sending, or deconstructing HTML received (simply forward it, then click the "HTML" tab).

Thanks Jorg!

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Reply to All as Cc

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Thanks for a very useful Thunderbird extension. Unfortunately, as of Thunderbird 60, this add-on no longer works. Please consider updating "Reply to All as Cc" to support the latest version of Thunderbird.

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DKIM Verifier

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Nice, easy, unobtrusive way to verify a message's DKIM signature.

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Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export Enhanced

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Worked great for me (TB 31.5.0). I missed the old one and really appreciate someone picking it up and making it compatible with the latest Thunderbird.


Quick Web Search

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Just what I needed, especially now that Thunderbird has lost the ability to use Google natively.

I appreciate the fact that this uses the default WEB BROWSER to search, rather than an embedded tab in Thunderbird. I use TB for mail and FF (or Chrome) for Web browsing.


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Perfect add-on for both Firefox and Thunderbird. Just the thing for we "Type A" personalities that desire and require windows to be positioned and sized deterministically.

Works with Thunderbird 6 just fine. Simply massage the install.rdf appropriately.

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Start Google Plus

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Minor Update: After uninstalling and reinstalling this add-on, my high CPU utilization issue seems to have disappeared. Upgrading rating to 5 stars.

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Start Google Plus

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A great start with some seriously useful functionality. I had two issues with this add-on:

1) High CPU utilization when browsing to
2) My Twitter feed massively overshadowed my meager G+ feed. Moving it to Sparks helped, but of course defeated the purpose.

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Works great in FF 4.0 with the Add-on Compatibility Reporter telling it to ignore version checking. Should be a simple change to update the install.rdf.

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Preferences Cleaner

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Looks like an extremely useful add-on. Any thoughts of translating it to English?

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Location Increment

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Works as documented, and (unofficially) works with Firefox 4.0 Beta. Location Increment isn't as fully featured as URL Flipper, but does get the job done for most simple URLs.

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I missed Greasemonkey SO MUCH after upgrading to Firefox 4.0. Scriptish is a godsend. Now that I've spent time with Scriptish, I'm kinda wishing it was available for Firefox 3.x.

Well done!

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Image Zoom

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Excellent add-on, both for Firefox and Thunderbird.

Please consider updating install.rdf to support TB 3.1.*. It works perfectly with TB 3.1.1.

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What's my IP Address

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It's a good start, but doesn't show your "real", effective IP address if going through any type of proxy server. Instead, it simply reverts back to the local (NAT'ed) IP address of


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When I hacked the .XPI and restarted Thunderbird 3.1, I found that the recipient list for new messages was restricted to a single To: entry. Disabling the hacked extension restored functionality.

For full support, we may have to wait/hope/pray for official support from the developer.


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I agree with Dick. This is ... or was ... an invaluable extension and the first one I missed after upgrading to TB 3.0. I would love to see this ported over to work with the latest version(s) of Thunderbird.

Facebook Dislike

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While a good idea in theory, this Firefox add-on seems to interfere with several other important Firefox add-ons, including LastPass and StumbleUpon's toolbar. Quite a few toolbar icons also disappeared with no way to restore them.

Other complaints have been that it slows down Firefox significantly, but I was not able to get that far before uninstalling the extension with extreme prejudice.

これは以前のバージョン (0.2.4) についてのレビューです。 

Wiktionary (en)

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This add-on is listed as being for Thunderbird, when in fact it's simply an additional search engine for Firefox. It should be re-categorized.


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This add-on is listed as being for Thunderbird, when in fact it's simply an additional search engine for Firefox. It should be re-categorized.