Sungho Hwang


タイトル Sungho Hwang
所在地 Seoul, South Korea
職業 RN, PhD, College Lecturer, Researcher in Medicine, Nursing.
ユーザー登録日 11月 23, 2017
開発したアドオンの数 15 個のアドオン
この開発者のアドオンの平均評価 5 つ星中 3つの評価を受けています


Hello! How are you! Thunderbird never drop down the letter!

I live still with Thunderbird as below.^^

Porting Outlook to Thunderbird. Just take Outlook account to Tb.^^

Every morning, as I have a cup of coffee...
I make sure of messages and make schedule on calendar and make sorts of tasks with Thunderbird!

Joyful tasks every day \ (T-T) /

I open Collections I Love! for everyone, especially first entered Koreans to share useful Tb addons with...

Hereby, I wish to achieve and continue my dream and social service.



It seems like taskview,
but it would be enough with a small size because event is different to task.
Of course, tooltip exists, but it shows information of events formally.

Be a light.
I thank God!



Append today subpane to left top or append logo or clock to left bottm.

send a gift to a friend Eunjo.

Updated as of 2021-03-31.



Version 64.1 has been released.
1) Dark theme mode should be used in FrameBlack.
2) Light theme mode should be used in FrameWhite.
3) This version should be disabled/removed in Light theme mode.

send a gift to a friend Eunjo.

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています (3)


Notes with rainbow colors.
7 notepads are utilized as several memos if needed.
Or, these 7 notepads are used by days of the week.

April 14th 2021.

Sungho Hwang.

I love God.



TaskviewLayout has two versions.
One is this TaskviewGridLayout and
another is the existing TaskviewFlexLayout.

TaksviewGridLayout works in Thunderbird version 87.0 ~ 89.0a1.

Praise Stephen Kim Sou-hwan.

January 12th 2021.





5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

To mthaens.

I give you good news of my add-on, PasteMarkdownSyntax.
Now, donwnload of this add-on is available on this gallery.
I wish that you use this add-on, too.

From Sungho Hwang.

このユーザーはこのアドオンについて 過去に 3 件のレビュー を書いています。


5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

To mthaens.

Thank you for your add-on program.
I made add-on of PasteMarkdownSyntax.
This add-on is to paste markdown syntax on dialog description.
Of course, AdvancedTasks is required for my add-on.
My add-on is awaiting review.
When my add-on is posted on gallery, I will visit this again.

From Sungho Hwang.

このユーザーはこのアドオンについて 他にもレビュー を書いています。

CustomizeMyBird [Tb52-60] (discontinued)

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

For CMB version 2.4

Thank you to open [Custom CSS code] item^^

It is Grand Mighty Appearance Transformer!

Visit my collection that has Black & White theme code.

Insert that code in [Custom CSS code] box of this CMB.

これは以前のバージョン (2.4) についてのレビューです。  このユーザーはこのアドオンについて 過去に 2 件のレビュー を書いています。


5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

Excellent. ^^

Thank you always! Philipp Kewisch.

Nameless calendar occurs on left calendar selector/editor
After naming that calendar to "Trash",
I send schedule or task to delete it to "Trash" calendar.
If usually I set Trash calendar to unselect on left calendar selector/editor,
Schedules and Tasks which sent to Trash calendar are not seen usually. ^^
Because this program uses a surprising tweak, I laughed for a while. \O/

NewScrollbars [Tb 10-56] (discontinued)

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

as I see them ^^

Thank you very much, Aris.

Squared Australis Tabs (Tb)

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

neat ^^

Address Close Button

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

that is wrongly entered.
It works well on my Tb 52.

Dark Fox

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

in background ^^

Thunderbird Suave

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

Thunderbird never drop the letter. ^^

Fresh Green Leaves

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

How much fresh is it. ^^

little flowers

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

It is the spring.^^


5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

I am a single profile user, but I have the backup profile.
It is easily accessible to backup profile at emergency. ^^

Thank you, Paolo "Kaosmos".

これは以前のバージョン ( についてのレビューです。 

Show All Body Parts

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

I knew it after getting the broken email (T-T).
If that is important email, make it sure as changing modes.

Thank you again, Jonathan Kamens.

これは以前のバージョン (1.3) についてのレビューです。 


5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

within reply or forward message^^

Thank you, Jeevanandam M.

これは以前のバージョン (1.5) についてのレビューです。 

Sun Cult

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Thank you, Rob Norris.

Sender Frequency

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

As expected,
advertisement frequencies are the most.^^;

これは以前のバージョン (1.2.0) についてのレビューです。 


5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

Thank you, Teester^^

Star Wars warrior

5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

Star Wars warrior is the right theme to me.^^
I decorated todaysubpane, LCD Clock as theme also.^^


5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

manually (T-T)...
It works very well.^^
Thank you, Schuzak.


5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています

Thank you, mart3ll