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Prevent Delete 要再起動

Prevent deletion of messages with a defined tag.

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Reply to Multiple Messages

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Great add-on. A must have that should be a default features in Thunderbird.

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5 つ星中 5つの評価を受けています : I've wrote an email to Aleks Totic and he has quickly replied. He'll normally add me as a developer so I'll put the new version here soon.

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I've put an upgrated version on my website with the ability to rotate the picture when clicking on it (shift-clic to rotate anticlockwise). I'll be glad to give it to one of the original authors so the update could be done automatically from here for all users.

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Attachment Sizes

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@samsie : Email size yes, but not the size of each attachment.
I've put an update for TB3 here : waiting for Frank DiLecce to get it if he wants to.


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With the Custom buttons extension , simply add a button with the code :

var acctMgr = Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIMsgAccountManager);
var accounts = acctMgr.accounts;
for (var i = 0; i < accounts.Count(); i++) {
var account = accounts.QueryElementAt(i, Components.interfaces.nsIMsgAccount);
var rootFolder = account.incomingServer.rootFolder; // nsIMsgFolder
if (rootFolder.hasSubFolders)
var subFolders = rootFolder.subFolders; // nsIMsgFolder
var folder = subFolders.getNext().QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIMsgFolder);
if( folder.flags & 0x0100 ) try { folder.emptyTrash(null, null); } catch(ex) {}

in it.


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Hi, the T keyset is already used to go to next unread thread.
I've prefered to install keyconfig extension and put whatever key I want for MsgSortThreaded(); and MsgSortUnthreaded(); commands !!!

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