Jonathan Protzenko


タイトル Jonathan Protzenko
所在地 Seattle, WA
職業 Researcher
ユーザー登録日 3月 5, 2007
開発したアドオンの数 6 個のアドオン
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I started writing these addons when I was young, foolish and bored. Nearly ten years later, I'm still maintaining them in spite of an actual job and trying to get a life.

If you're #thankful and #humbled, and find that these addons are #amazing, then be #mindful and buy me a beer! (Especially if you get #irony.)


Manually sort folders 要再起動

この拡張機能は手動または自動のどちらか好きな方法で Thunderbird のフォルダペインのフォルダの並び替えを可能にします。 またフォルダペインのアカウントも並び替えることができます。

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Thunderbird Conversations

Thunderbird にスレッドビューを追加するアドオンです。連絡先ツールチップ、添付ファイルのサムネイル、クイックリプライ、他のアドオンとの協調動作などの機能があります。

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LaTeX It! 要再起動

This addons allows you to write LaTeX expressions in your emails such as $x^2$ or $$\sum_{x=0}\infty$$ and have them all replaced by a PNG image with the corresponding formula inside.

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This addon adds an entry in the right-click menu which re-threads selected messages together (groups selected messages into the same thread)". This is done by _modifying_ messages; the author of the addon declines any responsibility for data loss.

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Compose for Thunderbird 要再起動


Compose messages the new hip way! Allows you to compose in a tab with a new editor and an improved autocomplete.

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Keyword Search

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I'm so glad that Firefox has the extension mechanism to compensate for arbitrary random changes in the codebase. This extension is absolutely essential and prevented me from smashing my keyboard several times. Many thanks to the author!

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Jökulsárlón Download Manager

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Excellent, this UI is much more usable than the one found in the standard Download manager. Still a bit rough in the details, but a great addon still :).

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This is a masterpiece, works flawlessly, and allows me to sync my address book across all of my Thunderbird setups.

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This addon works flawlessly. The setup assistant automatically finds the key associated with my identities, the UI tells me about encrypted and decrypted messages automatically, and I don't have to manage all things by myself. This is great, congrats to the Enigmail Team!

これは以前のバージョン (1.1) についてのレビューです。