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I think you should work for Facebook! This add-on seems to have everything Facebook is missing! Thank you!

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Show Address

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Another simple feature that SHOULD be standard for safety reasons. Since I own my domain I create forwards for every site that requites an email address. This way I can trace the SPAM to the original culprit. Thunderbird only shows the address that the mail has been forwarded to. This shows me who stole it so I can eliminate that SPAM source. Thank you so much!!!

Address Close Button

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Thank you! Why didn't the Mozilla developers think of this simple feature. It's common on other email programs!

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Signature Switch

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I agree- it would be more useful if it would insert at the cursor point rather than the end of the email. I stopped using it because it's faster to type than to scroll, cut, paste, etc. My signature needs to be with the most recent part of the email, not at the bottom where the beginning thread is.

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