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ユーザー登録日 8月 16, 2010
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QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders)

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I've 5 email accounts in Thunderbird, and several subfolders for archiving, and this Add-on has made managing that so much simpler. It's relatively easy to setup, and makes writing an email, while referring to other emails, and then archiving, it a much easier process. As soon as I'm out of my debt crisis, I need to send the developers some money. They deserve it.

これは以前のバージョン (4.0.3) についてのレビューです。 

Folder Filters Button

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I thought it wasn't working when I was trying to run it while viewing a message in the Unified Inbox. So it's motivated me to try a workflow using this setting: Menu > Folders > All.

これは以前のバージョン (1.3) についてのレビューです。 


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I really wanted this to work, but (Thunderbird 31.7.0 in openSUSE 13.2 KDE) no helpful pop-up list of folder suggestions is appearing. Hoping the author (or someone) can fix this, thanks.

これは以前のバージョン (0.2.33) についてのレビューです。 

Tag Sequence Arranger

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hope this gets built-in to Thunderbird

これは以前のバージョン (0.1.95) についてのレビューです。