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DKIM Verifier

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It does exactly NOTHING.

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Its good that someone writes something to use with CardDAV, but its far away from useful. Its a completely new IDE, when we just needed a interface. please do not rewrite the address-book of Thunderbird. Do just the Interface to CardDAV.

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There are still people who can not switch to Thunderbird, and who need to use SeaMonkey. Do not forget them please. Its the addons who keep SeaMonkey alive.

Everything is fine with Thunderbird, but if SeaMonkey dies the book is closed. Don't let it die. We need a free Email client.

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CardDAV Browser

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A CardDAV SOGo Link looks like this


It can be set up to look like this


If I insert the link in the browser I still bet error

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CardDAV Browser

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I added the URL and click connect and I get the following
"CardDAV server did not return any data."
That's all I can say :)

UPDATE 2017.02.02
SOGo is the only Groupware that works in a way it can be used in production. If you have found out the differences, it would be nice if you also make a version for SOGo.

But you are right, CardDAV is so buggy on most devices I can hardly imagine one of the developers can fix it. Its buggy on android, its buggy on Apple, Its buggy on Windows.

The only opensource CardDAV that works is SOGo. You are not compatible.
The only closedsource CardDAV that works is the one on Google. But again your not compatible to it.

What left?

これは以前のバージョン (3.0) についてのレビューです。