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ユーザー登録日 12月 14, 2012
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I know people who have fled from countries both socialist and socialist in name only which are really brutal tyrannies. Let us not permit this great country to decay into either socialism's "progress" or socialism's end: brutalization of man.



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very helpful when downloading new ISO images for Mint

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Adblock Edge

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I now only trust adblock edge for my not-seeing needs.

I don't trust the other guy to keep MY best interests prominent

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Adblock Edge

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I know only trust adblock edge for my not-seeing needs

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USA One Nation Under God

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however our God given rights cannot be removed and ought not be hindered by any law.

and most certainly not free expression which is apparently now under amo editorial staff review. how many votes will it take to rip away the right to freely praise personas?

USA - Flag of the Land of the Free

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remember to shine a light upon the flag after dusk or flie it not at all

Independence Day Collage

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It renders well enough in a browser with numerous bars

Flag of USA

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good capture of motion while preserving fine detail

gee, I hope the mods who are reviewing my positive, upbeat accounts, notice I value life and liberty, and was mod flagged for calling out a mod for mod_abuse via review text alone

God Bless America by MaDonna

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thank you for your service

USA Pride

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freedom: allows one to choose to do what is right and good

Fluttering American Flag

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thank you all and may God bless you and yours

Marine Corp

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as he had blessed our great nation

United States Marines persona

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God bless them for their service, their blood, and their lifes ensuring Western Civilization and it's protection of God's liberties

Our Lady

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She wants us all to know and love her son

When I consider thy heavens

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all of creation else us was made for us to marvel at his power and love

Jesus cross

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faith in jesus

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Jesus is the man, son of God the Father, God incarnate

Proudly Pro-Life

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is as precious as a child of any other age

on the interweb: twenty-eight days on the pill dot com

to save others from the lies they've been fed


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mother to us all


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then super infused with the Holy Spirit his vast tome of writing became super incredible

to hate the work is irrational without having read it, to derisively label the persona because of the goodness of the man in delusional.

pray for those who hate; love them

Regina Caeli

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blessed Mary, mother to us all, even those mired in hatred