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PopMailListRecipients 2

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If you use the so-called "mailing list" feature of Thunderbird address book, you need this extension. Right after you insert a list address, hit the red star "expand it" button, and the addresses will appear one per line in the compose window, as if you had entered each. Now you can delete the list address (the old version was doing so automatically).

This is an ultra-simple extension, since the logic of expanding recipients is already present in TB. It just expands them during editing, thereby making it clear who you're writing a message to. You can visually verify addresses, tweak To/Cc/Bcc, strike unwanted ones, edit display-names, setcetera.

Hint: start all list names with the same prefix, e.g. lll-, that way it's easier to recall which list you mean by typing the prefix.

Hint2: if you have more than a dozen addresses, consider using a "real" mailing list.

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DKIM Verifier

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Reading the Authentication-Results header should be the normal behavior, since DKIM was designed to be verified by the receiving server. However, each server should have its own settings and policies (for example, some servers don't bother writing results for failed signatures, since they should be treated as non-existing.)

This add-on highlights those results by reporting them on the message window, along with From:, Subject:, and To:. Kudos for that!

Doing the crypto is good for servers that don't do it themselves, and for manual action. Such late verification may fail for old messages.

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Correct Identity

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Somehow it always chooses the wrong identity from a mailing list, and it must be changed manually.

Also, it doesn't let new identities to be created on the fly.

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