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This theme has spoiled me. When I use other peoples computers I have to think a minute (I do tech servicing out of my home) to switch gears. Despite the disclaimer this was easy to get used to and hard to not use. I am guilty of putting off upgrading Firefox until the LCARS update came out as I didn't want to use any other theme inc default. It's slick, it looks and feels TREK and best of all. Is functional. No wonder in the 24th century they interface with Starships on a panle with this design. The elements are logical (nod to our fav Vulcan) and direct your eyes to where they need to go to quickly and best of all INTUITIVELY (remember when OS's and interfaces were INTUITIVE???) find and use buttons and controls. So... Though I love the SHOW this theme is not just for show, it is completely and highly functional.

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For the mouse... A better mousetrap. I am amazed by what gets me nowadays. The new I-pod? Ehhh ummm... ok. CS 3 then CS 4 (ad infinitum ad nauseum) coming out? Ehhh coool. My scrolling exact AND I READ while slow scrolling and if I wanna zip down the page it predicts in a micro second and speeds up and slows down perfectly matching my almost unconscious intent like a mind reader? This add-on almost had me hopping out of my chair going YES YES YES!

Sometimes the smallest things are the greatest.

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NASA Normal

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Please please upgrade this! My favorite of all themes!